Teach Your Daughters Well

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Hats off to Colorado!

Coloradans for Civil Liberties and the Independence Institute will be providing advanced firearm training to teachers, principals and other school staff in an effort to offer more security in Colorado’s schools. Law enforcement response time in rural parts of the state can exceed 30 minutes simply because of geography. According to American Police Beat, the national average response time for an emergency call is 10 minutes. The average interaction time between criminal and victim is 90 seconds. Do the math. This gives the bad guy an 8 1/2 minute lead over the cops. A teacher capable of defending herself & her classroom through proficient use of a firearm can prevent horrors exacted upon the innocent.

Ladies, go as FemiNazi crazy on me as you want but the truth is women are at a physical disadvantage when it comes to men. A .40 cal or 9 mm can be a game changer. Firearms are the great equalizer. What I lack in physical prowess as a woman can surely be made up for in my presence of mind and ability to lock and load in time of crisis. Having been the object of a stalker I can testify to the sheer vulnerability one feels knowing she is defenseless. I am licensed to carry in 36 states—just not the one in which I reside. New Jersey has usurped the basic right of self defense from its citizens.

In October 2014, mother of two and Pennsylvania resident, Shaneen Allen, was pulled over in Atlantic County, NJ for a traffic violation. Following proper protocol Ms. Allen informed the officer of her PA concealed carry permit she legally obtained after being the victim of two crimes, and the handgun in her car. No good deed goes unpunished. What followed was a 40 day stint in jail and felony charges for what NJ considered illegal possession of a firearm. Eighteen harrowing months later Governor Christie thankfully saw fit to pardon Ms Allen from this “crime”. But in truth, was a crime actually perpetrated? Is self defense not an inherent human right? I applaud Colorado for transferring the right of power to its citizens, who ultimately are the first line of defense.

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